Cider Mill Scented Botanicals

Cider Mill dried botanicals will filter through the air with the crisp, fresh aroma of milled apples. Another of our Scents Reminiscent of Simpler Times®, the refreshing, flavorful apple notes of Cider Mill will set you at the apple orchard on a brisk fall afternoon with hints of fresh cider donuts and spice-baked apples floating from the orchard bakery.

Not too far from the road, you see a hand-painted sign that reads: "Cider Mill: Open for Tasting”. Cider Mill scented botanicals contain a mix of dried naturals specifically blended to the scent; we have added dried apple slices, natural milo berries, and a sprinkling of green leaves.

Scented Botanicals Exclusive Features

  • Fragrance without a Flame 
  • Unique Combinations of Dried Goods 
  • Adds Instant Fragrance 
  • Rustic-Inspired Décor 
  • Packaged for Gift-Giving 
  • Enhances any Display 
  • Can be Revitalized with our Refresher Oils 
  • Richly Scented with Pure Oil 
  • Scent for any Season

Collections: All Products, Essentials

Category: 1803

Type: Scented Botanicals


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