Mason Jar Tank w/ Monogram

Tank Size & Color
White - S
White - M
White - L
White - XL
White - 2XL
White - 3XL
Black - S
Black - M
Black - L
Black - XL
Black - 2XL
Black -3XL
Blue Jean -S
Blue Jean -M
Blue Jean- L
Blue Jean - XL
Blue Jean - 2XL
Blue Jean- 3XL
Chambray- S
Chambray- M
Chambray- L
Chambray - XL
Chambray - 2XL
Chambray- 3XL
Citrus - S
Citrus- M
Citrus - L
Citrus - XL
Citrus - 2XL
Citrus- 3XL
Flo Blue - S
Flo Blue - M
Flo Blue -L
Flo Blue - XL
Flo Blue - 2XL
Flo Blue - 3XL
Lagoon- S
Lagoon - M
Lagoon - L
Lagoon - XL
Lagoon - 2XL
Lagoon - 3XL
Violet - S
Violet - M
Violet - L
Violet - XL
Violet - 2XL
Violet - 3XL
Lime - S
Lime - M
Lime - L
Lime - XL
Lime - 2XL
Lime - 3XL
Neon Green- S
Neon Green- M
Neon Green - L
Neon Green - XL
Neon Green -2XL
Neon Green - 3XL
Neon Pink - S
Neon Pink- M
Neon Pink- L
Neon Pink - XL
Neon Pink - 2XL
Neon Pink - 3XL
Neon Red/Orange - M
Neon Red/Orange - L
Neon Red/Orange - S
Neon Red/Orange - XL
Neon Red/Orange 2XL
Neon Red/Orange 3XL
Neon Yellow- S
Neon Yellow- M
Neon Yellow - L
Neon Yellow - XL
Neon Yellow - 2XL
Neon Yellow - 3XL
Sapphire- S
Sapphire - M
Sapphire - L
Sapphire- XL
Sapphire - 2XL
Sapphire- 3XL
Seafoam- S
Seafoam- M
Seafoam- 2XL
Seafoam- 3XL

This southern inspired monogram tank is perfect for all those sweet tea lovin', mason jar obsessed souls out there. All Comfort Color tanks are preshrunk 100% ringspun cotton. These tanks are perfect for everyone as sizing is Unisex! For a more snug fit, size down! 


How to Order:

1. Choose your tank size & color in drop down menu!

2. Enter your 3 Letter Monogram & the Monogram Font/Style! 



Because all items are personalized just for you, all sales are final with no exchange, return or refund! Please make sure that your order is EXACTLY how you want it before completing your order. Want something compleley different, send us a message at! 

It is our goal to create products that are completely unique to you!


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Category: Tank

Type: Monogrammed Shirts

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